APDL not adjusting DST w/ DST selected


Mar 6, 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
Here is my issue –
As stated in a previous post I'm going from GDL(-6) to IAH(-6/-5 DST). I have made the appropriate manual setting changes to my airport list to reflect GDL -6 w/ no DST and IAH -6 w/ DST checked.

I have re-downloaded my pairing 3 times and APDL still shows the leg down to GDL as 1+31 (it shows the correct departure/arrival times) - which it should be 2+31.

On the way back the next day - it shows the reverse leg as being 3+17 w/ a regulation alert (due to the rest of my day being calculated with an extra hour - puts me over 8hrs total for the day).

APDL is NOT adjusting for the hour change with this trip.

What is the solution to this problem?
It appears that you are applying the DST feature incorrectly.

In the airport list you should have the APPLY DAYLIGHT SAVINGS box check if that airport partcipates in DST. Once this is set it should never need to be changed.

When the annual change occurs for DST you then go into OPTIONS PREFERENCES TIMEZONE SETTINGS and then select DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IS IN EFFECT.

Once this change is made you will then have to manually change any trips that were imported prior to making the change and occur on/after 3/11/07.