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APDL Not Showing up in TestFlight App


Apr 6, 2006
Got the email about the new version to test. Ran Test Flight. APDL no longer there. Any ideas to download the the last eat beta?



P.S. I do not lie...as soon as I hit "submit" I received the email from Test Flight...all is well now.
Is there a reason the app doesn't show up as an update in test flight? More often then not, it is removed in testflight and you can only update by enrolling again in the beta email received by testflight.
The TestFlight system royally sucks! At times I have to take it out of testing and reinvite everyone. It is something I do manually to ensure everyone gets notified. So I did it again today hence the confusion.
Neal, thanks this is what I suspected was going on. The Android Beta from an end user stand point has been far more straight forward for updates.
Note: If you receive this email... as I have numerous times through the beta. APDL has been removed from testflight and added back. You MUST click the "Start Testing" icon again to add APDL back into Testflight so you may install or update.

Note the latest two updates did not require this process.

Speaking from personal experience only. Screenshot_20160611-195527.png
Neil, could you please resend me the link to update to the latest Beta? For some reason it continues to ask for a redeem code in Test Flight. Thanks.