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Locked Out


Active member
APDL Beta Team
Sep 8, 2013
After my beta test award subscription ran out I have been paying for my subscription, this began in January. Recently I was emailed a link to load Test Flight on to my company ipad and test again. I did this approximately a month and a half ago. Two days ago I was assigned a trip on reserve and tried to login to APDL and the subscription page says my account is expired. The difficulty is that all the subscription options are greyed out with an N/A and when I try to open it from Test Flight it only goes to the subscription page. Where do I go from here? If I am testing, how do I reload and reopen the app? If I am not testing, how do I renew my subscription? Any advice and help would be appreciated about how to get this up and running again, and if I am testing again.