APDL web report utility


Sep 29, 2006

Why did you do away with the web report utility? I am not using Logbook Pro but still liked to generate the Excel spreadsheet for filling out my paper logbook? What's up? Seems like to use APDL now I'd be forced to buy LBP also.
Hello Mike,

According to the information you provided in ticket DAZ-356489 which you can view at http://helpdesk.nc-software.com you have both a Logbook Pro and APDL license so you should be able to use the PDA Wizard which generates the legacy APDL reports. If you require further assistance, please submit a support ticket and we'll gladly assist.
Yes, I have both. I've had APDL since about 2001. I frequently format my hard drive to clean up unwanted junk, and I guess in the process and with NC taking over APDL, it said I had activated my APDL license on several computers when I first tried to sync with LBPro, thus not letting me sync. When I formatted my hard drive I didn't first uninstall APDL. So, as an easy workaround, I used the web report utility to create an Excel spreadsheet, and then had a custom template to easily import into LBPro, and as a guide for a paper logbook.

I never saw the announcement that NC was doing away with the web utility. What would someone do who had APDL but not LBPro?
That seems to be the unanswered question...

I never saw the announcement that NC was doing away with the web utility. What would someone do who had APDL but not LBPro?

I don't have LBPro and now have no way of printing my data for my tax accountant this year. This is still an unsolved issue as far as I know. Someone please chime in if you know of a way to restore the lost (Web Portal) capability to APDL without LBPro.
Logbook Pro 1.10.26 and APDL version 6 are required to generate the APDL legacy reports which are a part of the PDA Wizard in Logbook Pro. If you need a license to either APDL or Logbook Pro you can purchase one instantly online here.
NC software still advertises that APDL users can use a free web report utility. It's very disappointing that you removed part of what I purchased when I purchased APDL - it included SingleSync and the web report utility as well as the trip import programs (the downloadable one as well as the web utility).

Do you have plans to remove those as well and charge an additional $100 to be able to import trips?

The terms I agreed to when I purchased my license for APDL was that it included a method for generating reports. Just as I kept my part of the bargain and won't use the program on more than one PDA (the license doesn't allow for it) I expect NC Software to honor their part of the bargain and make available the software/utilities I purchased. I'm not about to purchase another license for another software program (that I don't need or want) with a company that may very well make that software unusable without another new license in the near term.

Logbook Pro would have been a value when I started flying (as several people I know are), but it's just not what I'm looking for now. Unfortunately, I no longer find myself able to recommend your products.
PilotEiser has a great point, the free web report utility is still advertised in the APDL product description.

Analyze your payroll, flight time, expenses, and on-time performance for any date range. Keep track of your actual expenses and calculate CONUS/OCONUS and IRS ME&I rates to evaluate best deductions based on your expenses. Also included on our APDL Portal is a free web based reporting tool to generate flight reports from your handheld logbook.
Thanks Mike. I'll find the part of the web site that needs to be updated since the utilities were phased out and significantly improved in the Logbook Pro integration offered 2-1/2 years ago. The actual product page where you purchase APDL does NOT advertise this functionality, the main information area of our web site probably needs updating which will be investigated. For those that use SingleSync you're welcome to continue using SingleSync that you received at the time of your purchase. It is phased out, no longer supported, or offered, but if you have the products you received at your time of purchase, by all means continue to use them.
The heartburn I think most of us are having deals with the program being on the site and continuously updated - for no additional charge. The fact that you removed it without notice and that some of us failed to keep backup copies on a separate drive just in case you did, is what has us frustrated. You should have made it clear that the software would be removed to ensure those who purchased it earlier had sufficient time to download a backup copy if necessary. Even PalmOne did this when they discontinued supporting JVM for Palm OS - they gave around 30 days notice or so.

I certainly understand you not supporting "old" software, but even Microsoft supports the one or two previous versions, you can at least still obtain "out dated" software from them and seek "support" from peers on the internet, even though Microsoft no longer supports it. (I was able to get a new unlock code for my copy of Microsoft Office when my computer died and I wanted to load it on a new one - no charge!).

To put an old version with bold letters and underlines - whatever - stating it is out dated and no longer supported is hardly unreasonable. Or to even email a copy to individuals when requested would be reasonable. However, when you try to force a loyal customer to purchase something they don't want or need you will loose that customer and their recommendations. Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising (especially in this industry) and most people will tell 10 or more people of a bad experience while only telling maybe 2 or 3 of a good one.

I guess I'll just have to start looking for a replacement for APDL.