Associate Airplane With Airport


Feb 13, 2006
I have three aircraft and each flies out of a different airport. It would be nice if when I picked an airplane, I could get a default or last used airport for each plane. As it is, when I change planes the aiport default is the last airiport used. If that is a different plane, I have to change it.
This is quite a unique situation and probably not one that will apply to many users. While we thank you for your suggestion, I am not sure that this will be implemented.

The quicker aircraft selection gained from removing inactive aircraft from the dropdown list (in your other post) should make your entries much easier and perhaps this won't be an issue anymore.
No, that suggestion doesn't help. I have a Champ at my home farm. I fly it and make an entry. Then I drive to KIOW and fly my CTSW. It will come up but the route block will start with JNM (my code for my home strip) instead of IOW. I have to change it. Then I drive to Muscatine and fly my glider out of MUT. When I enter the glider it comes up as being at IOW. You can see why I'd like to associate an airplane with either a home airport or the last airport that aircraft landed at.