Need Info ATI Sabre CrewTrac Import problem


New member
Mar 27, 2017
Recently my company (ATI) removed the "Schedule Details" option in the CrewTrac menu. Evidently they were having issues with incorrect information being displayed on ios devices and crews not getting updated schedules.
I was using that menu item to highlight and import into the Schedule Importer when updating my logbook.
Is there any way around this? What do I do now?
Thanks in advance.

Please create a new support ticket at the link below and include a sample trip and airline name so we can update the importer.

Wings, Do you still have the view schedule option that shows a view of your month on a calendar?
On a computer you can right click and inquire on a pairing to show it.
You can can then copy the pairing and run that through the schedule importer.

The two column schedule details format isn't an ideal format to import from...

but as Steve said, please submit a support ticket.