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ATP Requirements


May 18, 2005

I am trying to figure out the easiest way to glance at my hours that pertain to the ATP requirements ie: be able to look at a report (currencies or otherwise) that shows how close I am to the required hours. I think I need to use currencies but am happy to hear other options such as a custom report (which I also have not figured out how to do). As far as I can tell the currencies are limited to a time frame as well as being able to look at hours of flight. Can they look just at hours and not a time frame? In case you are not familiar, the requirements are as follows: 1500 Total Time and
  1. 500 hr. of cross-country flight time
  2. 100 hr. of night flight time
    1. A person who has performed at least 20 night takeoffs and landings to a full stop may substitute each additional night takeoff and landing to a full stop for 1 hr. of night flight time, limited to not more than 25 hr. of night flight time.
  3. 75 hr. of actual or simulated instrument flight time
    1. The maximum time that may be accumulated in a flight simulator or flight training device, representing an airplane, is either
      1. 25 hr., if the training is not conducted under FAR Part 142, or
      2. 50 hr., if the training is conducted under FAR Part 142.
  4. 250 hr. of flight time as PIC of an airplane, or as SIC performing the duties and functions of a PIC under the supervision of a PIC, or by any combination of the two. This requirement must include:100 hr. of cross-country time AND 25 hr. of night flight time