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Logged Automatic legality calculation incorrect


Jun 12, 2016
With the legality calculation set to automatic, the program seems to always select unaugmented rules. For scheduled augmented operations, it will still calculate with unaugmented times. When downloading a schedule from FLICA, all augmented trips will be flagged illegal unless manually selected to 117 augmented.


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Steve Hayne

Support Engineer
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Apr 10, 2009
Apparently we have resolved this - you need to enter the crewmembers names to trigger the automatic FAR checking (I verified this works, all my flying is augmented). We're still working on a long term solution since personally I don't enter the crew member names until I report for the trip since people call in sick, etc. Leaving the names out gives legality flags since APDL doesn't know the flying is augmented until the names are entered. Another issue is that I'm sure not everyone wants to track crew names. Essentially for now you can enter the names or manually change all the legs to augmented. I did suggest to the programming team to add an "apply to all" to the FAR Regulation section so you could change all the legs in your trip to Augmented with a couple of taps. Hope this helps for now.