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Sync Problems


Feb 26, 2008
I have experienced sync problems between my iPad and my iPhone after completing my last few trips. I was hoping the issues would have been resolved in the most recent release, 7.0.8. Unfortunately, I just completed a trip and the sync problems still occurred. After reading pcohens issues here is what I did to hopefully eliminate the possibility of a sync problem. I entered all of my actual trip data (OUT, OFF, ON, IN, position, instrument, etc) on my wifi only iPad after each leg. I made sure to save the data for each leg. When I got home, connected to wifi, I synced my data. At this point I launched APDL on my iPhone. APDL was not launched on my iPhone at all during my trip and was not even running in the background. Obviously, when I opened APDL, it automatically synced my data. Unfortunately, I received alerts that I had open flights. I looked at the trip data for the trip I just completed and sure enough the actual OUT and IN times were blank, the instrument time was zero and the release time was reset to the original scheduled release. The odd thing is that the OFF and ON times and my position had synced correctly. I went back to my iPad, opened APDL which started an automatic sync and sure enough, the exact same thing happened to the trip data on my iPad.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Neil or any of the software engineers, are you aware of this issue or are you able to replicate? If so, is there a work around or do you have any suggestions?

As much as I want APDL to work (I have been anxiously waiting for a long time), it seems to be extremely buggy. I feel like I am back in my engineering days, alpha and beta testing software and firmware. Except for the fact that in this situation I do not have access to the software or the software engineers. I have to admit, at this point I am kind of disappointed and unless some of these major sync and legality issues are fixed, I feel like I will be forced to continue using APDL on my Palm Treo and look for an alternative for tracking my 117 legality.

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Hello Eric,

There are no known issues with sync, it is extremely reliable. The software I would not call buggy either, I'm extremely impressed with the stability of it and its functionality. This is the result of a full year in beta testing. It's not perfect, it never will be, but it's of great quality.

I'd like you to get your two devices "aligned" by following the steps below carefully and then let me know if you have any problems going forward. Understand that as you probably read the last "modification" time wins in sync so if you make a change on a device and that change is not synced up then go to another device and make a change to that record the last mod date wins.

Do the following with a strong/reliable Internet connection:

1) On both devices go to Settings/Sync and turn sync OFF, close APDL so the app suspends
2) On your most trusted device, i.e. with the best data state go to Settings/Sync and tap "Replace CLOUD with DEVICE" - wait until complete, it may take a minute
3) On your other device(s) go to Settings/Sync and do a Replace DEVICE with CLOUD - wait for completion and all spinners to stop in the menu both in Sync, CrossCheck and the top of the status bar (top left of the device)
4) On both devices go to Settings/Sync and turn sync ON - your devices are now aligned

If you experience any perceived bugs, please go to the Communication area and submit a Problem Report. If we don't know of what you are seeing as bugs we cannot fix them. The app is complex and extensive, there is a learning curve, FAR 117 is complex as well and is very hard to understand which is why APDL exists.
I can attest to the having a strong reliable internet connection. That turned out to be the source of my sync problems.
I think it is also worth noting that you should only do the steps that Neal outlined when he or one of his team instructs. Trust me on that one. [emoji6]
I think it is also worth noting that you should only do the steps that Neal outlined when he or one of his team instructs. Trust me on that one. [emoji6]

Very true - I hesitate to put this on the public forum but use at your own risk. This should not be required but to boost your confidence and give a new starting point those are the steps.

Thanks for the reply. On Sunday night I did the cloud data sync procedure as you suggested. For the last three days I flew three one day trips. I did essentially the same procedures that gave me the sync issues last week. I entered the trip data offline on my iPad. Once I got home I synced to the cloud and then synced my iPhone. Everything worked fine. It appears the cloud data sync procedure you had me do eliminated the issues. I will let you know if I have any further issues.

As for my pointed comments about your software, I would prefer to message you privately, rather than respond via a public forum. Do you have an email address I can use to send you a message privately?

Thanks for your help!