Automatic Numbering of Logbooks


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APDL Beta Team
Oct 30, 2007
Obviously logbooks can only be so big. It would be nice to be able to identify the inclusive dates of our logbooks. Another idea may be pages or lines.

You could set it up in the options on how you want logbooks seperated.  i.e.
"number of lines per logbook 5000" or "number of pages per logbook 100"

That way when we go to print our logbook there isn't so much coordination to make sure I only print what I need to. As it is now if I say I only want to print 1 aug 00- present it starts over at zero time and works up. So, I have to then make the entire logbook then go out and figure out where to start printing. It would be so much easier to just say "Print Logbook 2." It could print a new professional cover page that has all our info and Logbook 2 printed on it. It would also be cool (if you adopt my idea) to have a section in the back that list historical and aircraft data from the given time period of the book. Cummulative time for aircraft would be nice, too.

Thanks for reading!
Hello Sean,

It actually can be done. You should always run your logbook report using ALL DATA otherwise Logbook Pro won't know of the prior data to include in the running totals. So run your report using ALL data and only print what you need. Logbook Pro does binder transitions for you. In Options/User Info specify your binder style, i.e. Cirrus Elite Commander. Run your report, then just use the print dialog to print what you need. It could be pages 300-310 or whatever you need. Just use draft paper first, experiment, then once you get the hang of it you're all set.