Backup bug


Jun 12, 2007
I have my Logbook Pro set to backup every seven days. However, nearly every time I am shutting down the program it is asking me if I want to back it up. I last backed up the database on 9-11. Today (9-15) I was using the program and when I closed my logbook it told me it was "time for a backup!"

My computer's date is correct and updates to the atomic clock daily.

What's up?
You need to turn off the BACKUP ON EXIT option. Please goto OPTIONS then select the backup tab.


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Hello Eric.

"Backup on exit" is not selected, and was not selected at the time I posted either. I checked that before I posted--as I said, I had "backup at preset interval" selected to every 7 days. Yet the program is still telling me it is time for a backup after fewer than 7 days.

Any other suggestions? Thanks.
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Hi Neal:

The strange thing is that it is not an "every time" problem. For instance, sometimes when it has reminded me it was time for a backup, it actually WAS time for a backup (i.e. had been more than seven days). So I perform a backup. Then the next time I use the program, I don't get the backup prompt on shutdown (if it has been fewer than seven days). On the other hand, the NEXT time I use it after that (still has been fewer than seven days) I might get the prompt again. It is not a regularly occurring thing...just like a weird glitch that is sometimes popping up.

I can try backing up the next time it prompts me (no matter how many days it has been since the last backup) and see what it does the following time, if that is what you suggest.
Still haven't resolved this issue. I used the program today. It had been more than seven days since I last backed it up, so when I shut it down it prompted me for a backup. I used the program again, later in the day, and it asked me for a backup again. Any ideas? Thanks.