broken op system. file rescue.


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Feb 9, 2008
i sent tech support an incident but i hate waiting around. I had a massively bad OS crash on my notebook. DELL in its infinite wisdom put the repair disks on the D: partition which of course i cannot access now after this. all repair functions do not work so my OS is effectively dead without any disk support to reinstall the VISTA i have. so...i am able to hook up the drive to a drive dock on my desktop and i can pull everything off that i need easily. the problem is....just what is the logbook file name and extension? iv'e got 8500 hours in there of very hard manual work. the LBPro version is a few versions old as i never updated it and it ran just fine since its install back in 2007. so again, i need the file name of the logbook itself so i can pull it off the old drive and use it in a fresh install of LBPro....hopefully that's possible. but of course NC software has no record of my purchase so they have to ask me for $15 to search their records to give me a new unlock code? i'm here right? that means i bought the thing....just give me a code.

ideas or help in what the file name is? i don't recognize ANY of the file types used.
thanks for your time guys

Sorry to hear about the computer dilemma! Logbook Pro's raw data file ends in .LBK and the filename is whatever you named it when creating the data file. I'd check in your C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro folder and then in your My Documents folder (/My Documents/My Logbook Pro Files/v1 is the new default as of a few versions ago).

If you created any backups they end in .BAK but that is a generic term for backup files. Not sure if you use our Online Backup service to keep backups on our servers, if so you could pull down your latest backup from there.

Let us know if we can be of any further assistance. I'll close out your support ticket so we don't have redundant communications.