Bug in iPhone 1.0?


Mar 2, 2006
Southern California
Great job on the iPhone App! It was working great, sync and all. However, I noticed that occassionally, tapping a report button would throw me out of the app unless I tapped on the little ">" symbol exactly. After several tries (restarting the app each time) it would bring up the report, currency, lookback, etc.

Then I made the mistake of setting the currency report as my opening page. Now, when I launch the app the splash screen appears, then instantly closes the app.

Any idea how to get back to a usable config? Do I need to delete the app and reload it?


I believe this is an issue with synchronization which is fixed in 1.0.1. Yes, delete the app and reload it. Sync has to complete before a report can be shown and there is an issue in 1.0.0 in how sync is being handled in the background, it just didn't work out right. Hopefully Apple with approve 1.0.1 and we can get things running perfect! Overall the app came out great, I'm happy that it was only about four issues found, and it's all coding issues, so the app is solid, stable, and performing well. It's just my mistakes that I overlooked, wish I could catch them all, but can't.

Thanks for the quick reply. We have a saying here at Edwards in the flight test biz..."Never fly the A-model of anything". Looking forward to 1.0.1

Not sure if this was addressed in the fix, but I also found a bug in v1.0.0. I entered two trips/legs using the iphone app, both on 6/9/2010. Both legs had a duration of 1.4 hours, I did not use out/in or off/on times. The first trip auto-filled correctly when synced with my computer, however it added a B/C approach in addition to the ILS that I flew. The second leg only showed the duration of 1.4 hours, but did not auto-fill the other fields that are set up in LBP. I have tried this on about three occasions now, and the same result each time.

I also agree, the app turned out great and I'm looking forward to the update. Thanks for the hard work!!!

Hello Doug,

The BC approach gets added when an ILS is added, this is noted in the known issues KB article. As for AutoFill, I reviewed the code and it appears correct. Be sure your A/C Type is correct in the incoming data AND check Options/AutoFill to ensure the AutoFill is configured for that specific Type.
After I posted I saw the KB article. As for the AutoFill, I ensured the aircraft type is correct. I also verified it works within LBP. When I enter more than one flight (logbook entry or line item) from the iphone app, when I sync with LBP, it only AutoFills the first flight, and the remaining flights (line items) do not auto fill the duration. The cells are left blank.

Hello Doug,

Can you run a test for me?

Add two flights to your iPhone, make sure both flights have a duration value set and the A/C Type is one that has AutoFill configured on the PC.

Sync the iPhone and then open Logbook Pro and sync if it's not already set to automatic sync. I assume in the My Sync settings you have autofill enabled.

Verify the two flights you added and see if AutoFill worked or not. I have reviewed the code once again and cannot see why it wouldn't work. I am not at a system where I can test this myself at the moment.

I just ran the test and verified that the A/C is setup for autofill, and AutoFill is enabled under the sync tab. The exact same result. The first flight autofills, but the second flight does not.


If you could please, go to the About area of the iPhone app and submit a bug report. That will send me the data to review, assuming you did not purge it. We'll then take it from there via the support ticket.

Thank you.