Weird bug?

Andy Adams

Support Engineer
Staff member
Apr 23, 2008
Wilson, NC
I had a weird thing happen a few days ago. I flew GA last week (which was fun for a change) and had my wife entering the flight into my iPhone app in the car on the way home. She began entering information in portrait orientation and at some point (I'm not sure exactly when since I didn't do it) started entering remarks in landscape orientation. I think remarks was opened in portrait and then rotated and the entry was typed in landscape. Anyway, somehow after entering the remarks I reviewed the entire entry and then tapped "done" at the top right. For some reason it said "done" instead of "save" and tapping done did not save the flight (it remained on the flight entry screen). I tapped done a few times and it continued to do the same thing, nothing. I know done is usually used to close the keyboard and not save the entry but for some reason it didn't work this time. I managed to make "done" go away and "save" come back by tapping on another entry area and making it active, one that I knew would say save instead of done. Once I could tap "save" it worked just fine.*

That's never happened to me since I never enter flights in the landscape orientation so I'm guessing It has something to do with one of the data entry areas that displays "done" rather than "save" and rotating the phone to landscape orientation while one of those areas is active.*

Overall not a huge problem I suppose but odd and confusing nonetheless so I wanted to report it to you.*
No. I forgot to mention that in the post. I figured you could look through code and track it down better than just guessing at the sequence?
If it can be duplicated, then yes, I would be able to find it in code. My first step is to try and duplicate what you bring up and if I can, then I'll go to code for the fix. I was unable to duplicate the issue. When reporting a bug please try to duplicate it and if you can, please provide the exact steps so I can record it in the bug tracker. Thx
I know that information is important and I tried for a few minutes and couldn't figure it out. I might could if I tried some more. I just wanted to mention it either way since maybe you could pin it down If I couldn't.