Bug Report: Backup & Encrypted File System


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Nov 8, 2003
Re Logbook Pro v1.9.4 and Windows XP Encrypted File System

I normally backup to a Flash device, which uses an unencrypted file system. This has been working just fine.

I recently converted to using the Encrypted File System EFS on my hard drive underWindows XP. Now, I get an error during the backup to the unencrypted Flash device.

I verified that I can backup to a Temp directory on the EFS drive. Then I noted when I use the File Explorer to copy the backup file to the Flash device, I get a warning dialog asking if I really want to do this since I will lose encryption on the copied file.

I suspect this same error/warning is being raised by XP when I try to backup directly to the Flash device from within Logbook Pro, and that
Logbook Pro is just aborting the backup giving me an error.

Could you log this bug and provide me with a work-around that would allow me to backup directly from within Logbook Pro? Ideas -- Unencrypt my Logbook Pro data file? Unencrypt some Temp directory that Logbook Pro might use during backup?


Please create your backups to the hard drive, then use Windows Explorer or whatever method of choice to move to your target media.

The same is when backing up to CD-R. Backup to the hard drive, then external to Logbook Pro move the .BAK file to your target media/device.