Build 232: Weird GUI happenings


New member
Mar 11, 2002
Logbook Pro: 1.6 Build 232
Windows 2K Pro SP2 512M memory
Matrox G450 dual-head video card


I just installed Build 232 and am getting bizarre GUI behavior on my system.

1. In general, it's having difficulty sizing dialog boxes. I've chose three cases, and have included links to illustrative screen shot:

* Upon launch, the open dialog is incorrectly sized:

* Most of the time when I select Options, the screen is incorrectly sized:

* I've been randomly successful in getting the Options screen to size correctly; however, the individual tear-offs inside property sheets incorrectly sized:

2. The Icons on the toolbars and the Menu bar often do not respond; only right-clicking always works.

3. The inner box of the MDI interface doesn't respond to mouse-clicks.

4. Double-clicking on any portion of the toolbar-menu area just minimizes/maximizes the display.

5. When I exit the program (via the right-click menu), about 25% of the time the logbookpro.exe remains in the process table.

In other words, the app is brain-dead on my desktop machine; HOWEVER, I've run the application on my Dell laptop (Windows 2K Pro SP2 256M RAM) and it appears to works fine. The only substantial difference between the two machines is that my desktop machine uses a dual-monitor Matrox G450 video card.

Although I have no proof that the problems I'm having are related to the video card, that's what it smells like to me. Please note that I've been running this card for several months with zero problems.

Any suggestions? (Please don't suggest I run it only only on my laptop<g>.)

Joe Campbell