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Apr 14, 2011
Hello Neal, I've just purchased a one-year subscription to the Schedule Importer. I have an HTC EVO 4G (running Gingerbread) with the latest version of LogbookPro on it. I have also had the PC version of LogbookPro for a few years now. I have been very interested in the cloud-sync option for some time now, only because my Palm Treo (using APDL) is about to die. Yes, the Palm has become a forgotten platform, and I am tired of having to lug around two different devices (old Palm and new EVO). Yes, I'd like the LogbookPro version for my EVO to be more like the APDL version on my old Palm, but that may take some time. I understand.

What I am curious about is whether or not I will be able to cloud-sync to my PC version of LogbookPro by using my old 'daily' format from APDL. Currently, I am finding that the Android version of LogbookPro has two different collation preferences: <Leg-by-Leg, and Daily>...

I've enjoyed filling out my daily trips (leg-by-leg) using APDL and then hot-syncing them to LogbookPro, thereby having the leg-by-leg entries condensed into a ONE DAY entry in my PC's version of LogbookPro.

Will I still have this option with the Android version of LogbookPro via Cloud-Sync? (I have yet to try this).

I guess what I am stating is that I'd like to import (collate) my schedule to my Android device on a leg-by-leg basis and then have those legs cloud-sync'd into my PC's LogbookPro on a solely DAILY basis, like APDL does.

Is this possible, or will my Windows version of LogbookPro import all of these 'flown' trips on a leg-by-leg basis? (please say no). I've used your turn-key services in the past to print out my logbook, and I'd dislike my logbook to be 500 pages thicker because it is now being sync'd on a leg-by-leg basis.


Hello Jared,

We can't change the collation at sync like we could with APDL because Logbook Pro has custom columns available such as checkboxes, text fields, etc. that there is no way to "combine" into a single entry where APDL was all numbers. You can collate "By Day" from the schedule importer and log a day's flying in a single entry by using the free-form route of flight field and setting LEGS to the proper number of flights for the day. There is no way to log "by leg" and then have it sync back to Logbook Pro "By Day" and quite frankly, I highly discourage "By Day" logging especially when you change aircraft during that trip. You lose the fidelity of your logbook and the advanced analytics Logbook Pro offers via reports and the Analyzer.

If you do want to log "by day" in the app you can use the Time Calculator to enter your OUT/IN times for each leg and then it will determine your total duration for you which you can then use to enter your flight.

Hope this helps, I think you'll understand better once you use the app. And of course peruse the documentation to get a feel for what the app can do for you. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to reply here.
You've got a really good application here. I really enjoy using this application on my Android, and it is quite the time-saver too! I've just realized that I can import my schedule to the LogbookPro Schedule Importer through the Internet browser app on my Android device! Very cool indeed.
I am not completely sure of the legal ramifications, but I can tell you that the more that this application becomes like APDL, you'll gain more subscribers and supporters. No doubt in my mind.
I am rather happy that I've purchased a yearly subscription for the LogbookPro Scheduler Importer, and I plan on using this indefinitely (provided I can write-off the subscription on my taxes).
I am still curious about the Schedule Importer settings within the Android LogbookPro app. I am none too concerned about my logbook fidelity when confronted with aircraft and crew swaps. I have enjoyed logging my flight-time on a daily basis, and then adding any crew or aircraft swaps into the remarks section of APDL Palm.
I'm not the biggest fan of the Time Calculator located within the Android LogbookPro application. I feel that we should still be able to import our trips on a 'daily' basis with the application listing that specific day on a leg-by-leg basis (yes, I know that you don't want to hear it - but I'd like it to be more like APDL in this respect).
The vast majority of the trips that I fly are rather bland and vanilla, and I'd like it to remain that way. If something exciting and/or possibly catastrophic ever happens, I am always sure to log that event within the remarks section of APDL/LogbookPro. Otherwise, I'm none too concerned about total logbook fidelity. If I log 2/10th of an hour of Instrument time on September 5th, 2011 - who's going to care which leg that I've logged that time on? If I were a student pilot, it might be of interest - but at our level - many of us are WAY beyond that.
I'd go with the leg-by-leg Schedule Importation, but with the amount of legs that I fly within a day/week/month/YEAR time frame- I'd have a MASSIVE amount of logbook entries. Yes, bits and bytes, just like ones and zeros are cheap, but a paper logbook with leg-by-leg entries that is thicker than an archaic tome from the 10th century is just not desirable. <--At least not for myself.

If there is ever anything of note or exception on any one of my trips, then I write it in the remarks section. Simple.

Thank you for this helpful product and the many others from NC-Software. I do appreciate your efforts.

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Hello Jared,

You can import your schedule into your Android phone BY DAY and if you have it logged BY DAY in the phone it will sync to Logbook Pro on your PC by DAY. You will need to use the Time Calculator in the Android app to keep track of your OUT and IN times for the day and at the end copy total duration over for the entire day of flights, enter the number landing, nite etc.

The APP is not APDL and cannot take flights logged by leg and import them into Logbook Pro by day.

Logbook Pro for Android Documentation
The APP is not APDL and cannot take flights logged by leg and import them into Logbook Pro by day.

Hello Eric and Neal. When my subscription to Logbook Pro and the Cloud Sync Importer has been fulfilled, I will no longer use your product, nor will I suggest it to others. It has become too expensive, and I'm finding that you really WILL NOT give the end user the flexibility that has been requested. TIME CALCULATOR simply doesn't cut it. I'm really not asking for the variety of functions that APDL has offered. My initial request was rather quite simple.

Thanks, but no thanks. Ciao.

-Jared Hausmann