Logged Calendar Sync iOS 15 Problems


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Nov 19, 2004
I just updated to iOS 15 and noticed APDL wasn’t putting new events on my calendar. I tried doing a resync and it managed to delete ever single APDL event from my calendar so now there’s nothing.

I installed the Bets after this thinking it may make a difference, but no changes. Anyone else having issues with calendar sync?
Hello @raysalmon,

We have received a few reports as outlined in the iOS 15 news release and we have it logged and will investigate and of course fix in the next update which is in development.

Thank you.
@rayalmon I just tested calendar sync and it is working for me in iOS 15. Please try the following:
  1. Go to Settings > Calendar and turn off calendar sync
  2. Turn it back ON and if prompted for permissions to use your calendar answer YES/OK
  3. Choose your calendar you want APDL to sync with
  4. Add or edit a flight and when done go to Menu and tap SYNC to force a sync
  5. Verify the entry is on your calendar.
Calendar entries may show up delayed as we write them when APDL syncs which is typically on app launch/resume.
I had already tried turning calendar sync off then on and it didn’t work. I just tried it again using the steps above and it didn’t work either.
What calendar are you syncing with? iOS, gmail, ???

I just tested it against an iOS calendar. I created a new one called "APDL Test" and selected it as the desired calendar in APDL and it worked per above.
Well the initial thing was importing a schedule change so that would be future. When the resync future events didn’t work I did a resync all and it proceeded to delete all 1400+ calendar entries it had made over who knows how long. All the test edits I’ve made have been to future pairings.
I even tried turning off calendar sync on my phone and turning it on for my iPad but that didn’t work either, I I switched it back to my phone
I just deleted all imported trips from OCT and NOV and reimported them, now they are appearing on iOS calendar.
Pretty consistently now “resync future events“ will not fix a missing trip on iOS calendar, but deleting the trip from apdl and re-importing it puts it on the calendar even without a resync. Is this still an Apple bug?
We don't have any info now. However, I can tell you personally I'm having issues with the iOS Calendar in iOS 15 completely unrelated to APDL so I'm not convinced it's not an Apple bug. We will certainly check into it but we have other items to complete before we can release an update to APDL at this time.
None of my past trips appear anymore. Every time I finish a leg the leg disappears from my calendar. Tried to sync past events but it didn’t help anyone else?