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Can I go back?

Jul 26, 2002

I have realised that my page summary totals are out. I think this is because I have entered flights that were solo, as solo and PIC. OK, this is dumb. Can I alter the info in the data entry sheet (spread sheet), or do I have to delete and re enter all the affected flights.

The Old world binder by the way, is really nice. Thanks
Actually Neil, it seems that, 'post unlock code', that the LBP is jammed up. I can't enter any new entries. When I select 'Add' , today's date appears, but the drop down calendar doesn't, and it wont let me move to the next data field. It isn't accepting any new data. I think the unlock code was successful, because the import wizard works and the 'max 50 entries' message doesn't appear any more. I have tried closing and re-opening LBP/forums/emoticons/confused.gif
Try resetting the layout. Open the spreadsheet style log, then click the far left icon on the sub-toolbar (white). Click the reset option. Close and reopen the spreadsheet style log and see if it works. If not, e-mail a BACKUP of your data file (File...Archive...Backup).

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.