cannot import trips now


APDL Beta Team
Dec 16, 2005
just installed new version of apdl and can't import with zip. I copy zip file into apdl schedule importer and when I try to import I get a CMENU: message whice says decryption password is empty. Help please
Hello Dave,

Confirm when APDL starts on your Pocket PC it shows version 6.1.4, also indicated in the Options...About dialog?

Try a soft reset on the device and then get the zip file from the Airline Schedule Importer site again, place the ZIP file in the /My Documents/APDL/ScheduleImporter folder on your Pocket PC and then run APDL or tap Options..Schedule Importer.
I'll try again when I'm home, but I did a reset and it shows version 6.1.3

Thank you for testing APDL Pocket PC edition. We released the final version which is 6.1.4 and as indicated on the bottom of the schedule importer web site 6.1.4 is required to import schedule files from this point forward.

At your earliest opportunity please download APDL Pocket PC edition version 6.1.4 and install it after removing 6.1.3 Release Candidate 3 from your PC and PPC.

Thank you again and I hope you enjoy the new features of APDL Pocket PC edition.
Thanks, I downloaded the update straight from the link on your page and must have missed the fact there was a later version.