Can't delete an airplane type or edit airplane types already entered

Tired Flyer

New member
Jan 2, 2014
I am unable to edit a tail number that I input. I input it as EMB-145 for the type, and when I import my trips, it imports the type as E145. In order to keep things consistent, I went back to the one tail number that had EMB-145 for the type to edit it, and was unable to. When I try to delete the tail and start over, it tells me that I cannot delete an aircraft type that has been previously flown. Same thing with "Unidentified" type. That was entered in error for one tail and I am unable to delete it as a type. Please help!
You're right, you can't delete a type or tail that is currently logged. But you can change the type that a tail is associated with by going to Settings/Aircraft and selecting the type of the aircraft you want to CHANGE. Select the appropriate tail and tap the type at the bottom to change it to the desired type.

If that doesn't accomplish what you want and you really want to To get rid of some undesired types, or tails, you need to go to all flights that the particular aircraft was logged, change it to a different tail number temporarily, until that type/tail is no longer logged for any flights. Then you can delete the offending type or tail. Afterward, you can create the tail number again with the correct type and go back and correct all the tail numbers on flights you temporarily changed. That method is more cumbersome, so the first method is preferred.