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Question Bulk AC Type Correction by Tail Number


New member
Jul 8, 2020
I need to change an aircraft type based on tail number. APDL has imported many times an aircraft as a CR7 when in fact it was as CR2. How would I go about this other than finding every instance of that tail number in my log book and changing every entry one at at a time?
Are you trying to change the aircraft type of the entries in Logbook Pro Desktop or in APDL?

If it's Logbook Pro Desktop, we can do a bulk aircraft type change for you, but you will have to send a backup file, no password protection, to the support desk for us to process that for you.

If it's in APDL, there isn't a bulk change method available, but there are a few ways this could have happened that we can go through to prevent it from continuing.