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Pop-up A/C Make & Model by N-number/Ship number


Jun 27, 2005
Atlanta GA
I work for an airline that has several different flavors of aircraft within each type. For example, we fly the 757-212, 757-231, 757-232, 757-26D, & 757-2Q8. Currently, I just log them all as 757-200s, but would like to keep track of the different varieties for some anal reason.

Is there currently a way to make LBP "pop-up" the correct Aircraft Make & Model when I enter a ship number or N-number? I suppose I would have to do a bit of data entry to set it up but if I could do it I would like to set it up.


Hello Larry,

You would need to make each type its own entry in the Options...Aircraft area. We are going to have a system to do as you are looking for in the next version of Logbook Pro, but that's all you can do for now. I hope to have a "merging" system as well so you can take the multiple type entries in v1 and break them up into the new system we're going to have in v2.

Hope this helps! :)