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changing A/C types auto changes the N number


Mar 12, 2004
changing A/C types auto changes the N number. i do not want this. how can i make it stop. i imported some new data that has C-310 instead of C310 and i am changing all to the same type but it changes the N number and i have specific N numbers for every flight that are not the same.

also, is there a quick way to change all the A/C type numbers to the same?or do i have to go cell by cell?

your answer in a previous similiar question has the autofil going from AC type to N number. i am just selecting AC type, entering the new one with the drop down menu and then going to the next cell down and repeating. doing this is autofilling the N number...it really is a MAJOR hassle and requires me to go back through hundreds of lines of data.


Please refer to this thread.

i understand what you said in that thread.
however, my deal is a little different.

in AC type list i have:

C152 (all appriopriate fields filled in)
C-152 (this is a 'new' plane that was imported with a big import i did. )

the program thinks these are two different birds. i try to rename one to match the other and it just turns red and does nothing.

can we fix this?
Okay, so you already have the target type defined. Unfortunately Logbook Pro has to reset the Ident list any time a type changes to ensure you don't cross an ident from another type to the newly selected type. This is by design. What you'll need to do is click in the Ident cell, press CTRL+C, change your type, tab and press CTRL+V.

alright, that solves the autofil for the ident.
how about the other question with the C152 vs C-152? i try to change the one to match the other in the Option/aircraft tab and it will not go. is this a thing where i need to fix the data before import vs. fixing after i get into LBP?


You cannot have two entries in Options...Aircraft with the same Type, the Type must be unique. I'm not sure I completely understand the issue, please explain the exact issue including where this is occuring so I can better understand what is going on and where.

well, i went back and fixed my data and reimported. excel can do this type of work faster.

the thing was, in my LBP database i had a BAe146 and in the import data i had a Ba46. these are the same type of plane that i had logged differently over the years. so, when imported, the program said there was a new aircraft type identified and that i needed to fill in the three blanks (catagory, class, etc.) so that the program would know what to do with the data. see the issue? these are the same plane and i wanted to program to recognize that. it would not allow me to change 'Ba45' to a Bae146.
so, all is well now.

Glad all is well. To the 'computer' they are not the same Type. You'd have to go through and change the Logbook area to reflect the correct type for those entries (click the Type column header to sort by type), then go back to Options...Aircraft and delete the Type that's no longer used.

I'm glad the flexibility of Logbook Pro's import wizard was able to work for you.