Changing Logbook Timezone / General Time Question


New member
Jul 24, 2007
Batavia, IL
I started a new job which tracks duty and rest based on zulu. My logbook is currently set for zulu -5. It seems that I have to change my logbook timezone, something which is supposed to be a no-no. What do I need to do to keep from getting things messed up when I change my settings?

Also, I am using a Treo 680. Every time I change time zones and then turn on my phone, the time in the upper bar changes too, so I can't use the time that is based on the Treo's clock because it is off by an hour. Is there any way to keep APDL from changing times?


Mike Labny
APDL really doesn't care what timezone your phone is in. You will just need to manually enter your block times.

you can change your logbook timezone. The only issue that it creates is that when you import your times into logbook pro all your block out and in times will be imported in zulu. As long as you make a note of this you should have any problems.