Cheated on LBP


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Jan 30, 2010
Hi there,

This is not a paid endorsement, or any way shape or form LPB requested endorsement, but rather wanted to share about a recent experience with another big name electronic flight log to my fellow pilots .... LogTen Pro ..... I bought this app thinking it was going to be superior to LBP simply because it kept a full log on my ipad vs the look back....I quickly find out that was not the case...some issues I discovered, (after spending the money of course) was
  • No fields have error checking
  • The wireless sync back to my mac was a nightmare, on and off again, numbers never jived
  • Setting up currencies was difficult
  • Support was OK, if waiting 5 days is OK for an answer...
  • Reports were the biggest nightmare,
  • the 8710 was only half filled in
  • No custimizing to speak of

The bottom line is that while LBP has some pricing model challenges it remains the only one I trust with my data....the other one was a fun toy, but way too unrelieble IMHO...

I guess $20 is worth the peace of mind....::sigh:: (Neal I still would love a full LBP on my Ipad :) )

Mike D
SEL/IFR In training(ugghhhh)

Thanks for sharing your experience. Full logbook on iPhone, iPad, Android etc. is my future plan. There are reasons we had to do it this way. When we finish the new desktop app, and soon thereafter web app, we fully intend to have full stand-alone logbooks on mobile as well that also talk to each other for my dream of "data once, data anywhere" i.e. enter in one and it shows up on the other in sync. Unfortunately software development takes time, a lot of time, and my ability to predict that amount of time has failed wholesale, but my policy of not releasing until it's done right remains and that ensures you always get a quality product you can trust.

Thanks again for standing by Logbook Pro.