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Sep 27, 2002

I must be missing a step somewhere and when I find out I'll probably feel stupid.

I have a professional edition of Logbook Pro and I wanted to create a clone on my laptop. Somehow I cannot get there.

I have both desktop and laptop networked:

- I have downloaded patch 1.8.8 and run it on my desktop.

- I have transferred 1.8.5 file to laptop and installed it (my first version downloaded from your website). Then I transferred 1.8.8 patch to update and I have run both in sequence on the laptop to install 1.8.8.

- Now I had the same versions on both computers. In order to open Logbook Pro on the laptop I needed a logbook file. Through the network I found my logbook file on the desktop and selected it.

- I had an option (among other) to synchronize existing clones or to update. Since this is the first time and there is nothing to synchronize I have selected to update. This option, after last warning about possibly loosing data, closed the Logbook Pro software. Then I tried synchronizing but Logbook Pro closed again. Logbook Pro closed almost immediately so no data transfer happened.

- Next I created ?Dummy? file just to be able to open Logbook Pro on the laptop. I then proceeded to create a clone using the synchronization wizard on C: drive of the laptop form the master on desktop via network. This worked but the clone is only 1 kB in size (.lbx file). And there is no way to access it from the laptop.

- I thought I would have essentially two same files, one on each computer. I could power up either one, update data and after proper synchronization I would again have two same files on each computer (one file name would have ?clone? at the end).

All steps above were done on the laptop running Win 95 (desktop is Win ME).

How do I create or open a file on my laptop that has same data as the desktop computer?


Logbook Pro is not compatible with Win95, it's Win98 and later. However, with that said, it should work fine, the main problem area is the block time entry system that doesn't like Win 95.

Try this:

From your desktop computer, create a clone

Copy this _clone.lbk file to your laptop computer

From your laptop computer, click File...Open and use that logbook data file.

Use your main data file from the desktop computer.

After you make a few entries in the laptop computer, take that file back to the desktop. Sync the two, what happens?

I recommend using a Backup/Restore routine if you don't require simultaneous computer use. When it's time to use your laptop, create a backup on the Desktop computer, restore it for use on the Laptop computer. Upon return, backup the Laptop, restore it for use on the Desktop computer. That way you never have to worry about Synchronizing reliability, which is usually fine, I've never had a problem with it.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.