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Jun 5, 2002
I am running logbook pro at home. I want to set up my lap top so I can work on inputing data. I went to the synchronization wizard and selected the second option "Create clone of master logbook". After reading some of the forum posts and the help menu I just want to be clear on the process before I start.

I need to install logbook pro on the lap top and select the first option in the sychronization wizard, "Synchronize master and clone logbooks". Is this correct so far? Will I need an unlock code for the lap top or is that part of the syncronization?

Some of this may be clear when install. I just want to have the everything right before I start so I don't waste time that I could use entering my flight time.

Thank you,
Hi Eric,

To use the Synchronization features, you need to have the Professional Edition or higher. Install Logbook Pro Professional on both computers, using your purchased license key code.

From the main computer (desktop) we'll call this the master. Create a clone. If the two computers are networked together, copy the _clone.lbk file to your laptop and open it from the File...Open menu for regular use. After using it, copy the _clone.lbk file back to the master computer (desktop) and use the Sync wizard to sync the main and _clone data files.

If you are not using the two computers simultaneously, I recommend creating a backup on the main computer, restore the backup for use on the laptop computer, use it, when done, backup the laptop, restore it for use on the desktop. The sync feature should only be used for simultaneous logging on two computers, othewise if only one is used at a time, the backup and restore strategy is the best option.