Commute flights in calendar


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Aug 31, 2009
I really think that the commute option in APDL is a great idea. It worked great for a while, and then sporadically started putting commute flights in the wrong Google Calendar for me. I finally noticed that somewhere along the way (Beta build, public build) my default calendar in APDL got changed to a different Google Calendar. I deleted the previous calendar entries that were in the wrong calendar. How do I get the commute flights to show up in the correct Google Calendar? I have tried saving them again for the next trip, and syncing, but they do not appear in my Google Calendar?
There was an issue in one of the betas about a month ago when we were reviewing the calendar issues and the selected calendar was not being used. This was obviously immediately corrected in beta but beta testers needed to reset their calendar in Settings > Calendar. You could try resyncing the calendar after doing so but I'm not sure the commute info will appear other than going forward as we are not syncing that information at this time (case to do so in the future is logged).
I just deleted my next trip, and imported it again. Then went into APDL settings and resynced all future flights in the calendar. Everything looks good now I think. Thanks.

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