Correct logging of night takeoffs.


May 29, 2005

If it hasn't come up yet in the wish list of features for version 2, here's one that I've run into. The regulations require that you have night take-offs and night landings for Part 91 currency to carry passengers. The 8710 form alsoasks for the number of nighttake-offs as well as landings. However,most popular paper log books and Logbook pro only account for night landings. The problem I encounter is that many flights may takeoff during the day but land at night or the other way around.

For now, I've setup a custom user field for night take-offs. The problem is that this does not get reflected in the 8710 report or other standard reports. It would be nice if there was a native field for night take-offs and it was included in the night currency rule by default.

Thanks for the great support and excellent software. Best wishes for a speedy version 2.0 release.

I wouldn't over think this. I don't know a single pilot that logs take-offs separately. Just log the night landings and call it good. All the way through my ATP, NO examiner has ever given it a second look. They just make sure there are enough landings.
I don't mean to over think it, and I also have had the same experience. No examiner or FAA person has every questioned the logging of night takeoffs. Usually during training the entire flight was at night so it's not an issue.

However, based on my reading of legal cases where pilot currency was an issue, it may be necessary to prove the night takeoffs. That's why I log them seperately.

Our FSDO recently suffered from a momentary donut shortage which gave them enough time to think about this. Now we are required to log night take-offs. (Would have been easier to just send them more donuts:)
I would also like to see this feature added.
I would like to see this also. I presently have custom colums for day takeoff, day landing, night takeoff, night landing. To be able to have this transferred to the 8710 would be of great benefit.
my FSDO and company's SOPs require the logging of night & day takeoffs as well as landings.

now, we actually log everything in zulu time, and based on the lat/lon of the airports our flight originate and terminate in, it would be easy, using the zulu off/on times, to calculate when night occurred, and whether or not the takeoff or landing was technically at night, for currency purposes.

why, again, can't we have automatic day/night takeoffs and landings?

There is no overthinking to this. It is a reg. You must log takeoffs and landings. This is a lawyers dream.

Logged: 3 Landings

Lawyer: "Sir is it possible to have a landing without a takeoff"
Answer: "Well yes, you could switch controls in flight"
Lawyer: "So you are telling me that you have no record of your required takeoffs?"
Answer: "I guess there is no record"
LAWYER:"Then per the FAA you are not current and are therefore not qualified to be operating this airplane in these condition"

Verdict for the plaintiff