Creating Templates for Jeppesen....


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Jan 10, 2002
I want to change the default Jeppesen Flightlog by insering a new template caloum. I want to inser the takeoff time and landing time but I can´t choose these caloums! Please help me!

Is it possible to change the format for the time? Lets say:
TOFF 09:00
Land ist 09:30
Duration 00:30?????

instead of Duration 0,5 ?????

Thanks for your help! Great porgram! Excuse my bad english!

You can't change the column layout, however, you can change a particular columns information. For example, you can change the header, data field to be used, etc. Click on the desired column then change the information on the left. I am talking about creating your own templates by the way, in case you didn't know you can do that. Refer to the help documentation (Help...Contents) and you'll see that you can build your own report templates.

The only columns that accept 'real time' format are the Takeoff, Landing, Out, and In columns. The other columns are hours.tenths only. When version 2 comes out later this year, it will offer numerous different time formats to allow the end user to choose across the board!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
So it is not possible to show the takeoff time and the landing time in the jeppesen flightlog?!

Please correct me if I am wrong.