Import Problems with Excel


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Sep 14, 2002
I`m from germany and i purchased logbook pro yesterday. My Problem:
I run your newest version. If i use the import wizard (import from Excel)logbook pro dosn`t recognice the right duration time. All other fields e.g. date,landings,routes... are well imported. Because of the reason that i live in germany i entered the times of departure and arrival in the following format (hh:mm). The duration of the flight is automatically calculated by Excel in the following format (hh:mm).
For example takeoff 13:30 landing 14:40 duration 01:10
Logbbok pro imports takeoff and landing times fine but in the duration field the program imports e.g. 11,0 instead of 1,1
You see that the error is based that the programm always set the semicolon at the wrong place e.g. flight time 2,5 logbook pro says 25 and so on.
I tried to format the Excel column in several different ways but it still won`t work in the proper way.
Please help an user from germany
Can you try changing your Regional Settings in the Windows Control Panel to United States, run your import, then change your Regional Settings back to the country you desire. Yes, it sounds like a problem with your format of 'comma' as the decimal symbol instead of what Logbook Pro may be looking for as the '.'

I'll log this for further review as well and see if I can prevent this in the future. Thanks for reporting this.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thank you for your help.
I changed the Regional Settings in the Windows Control Panel to United States and the import of my data works fine.
With best regards
Always happy landings to all of you.