Resolved Excel Export Totals


New member
Jun 9, 2021
I'm currently in the process of getting totals for airline application entry. When trying to calculate totals for my F/A-18 time, I've found it's easiest to filter my logbook by the four F/A-18 types (A-D) and then export the results to Excel. The problem I've run across is that the totals from Excel (flights/sorties and hours), using a sum function, don't match the totals I get from any of the Logbook reports when I add up the totals between F/A-18 A+B+C+D (flights/sorties or hours). Is the problem with the data export to excel?
After glancing at the front page of this Forum I think I realized the issue. When I used the filter without a custom date range, it's filtering out all my flights from 2021. Once I set a custom date range on the filter, and exported to Excel, the totals now match.