Problems with Excel export?


Nov 15, 2001
Just used the excel-export function; the excel file had a total of 4456 rows, but then I noticed that the last four entries was missing. So I did a new excel export, this time the file had a total of 4455 rows but it did include the last four entries. Both times I waited a few seconds after the export was finished until i saved the excel files.
Using Logbook Pro v1.9.9 and MS Excel 2003.

Hello Geir,

Please submit a support ticket and include the .BAK (backup) file you can create by clicking File..Archive..Backup using the Attachment feature of the support ticket. Upon receipt I will investigate the issue further.

I received your files. I did not do the export to Excel but instead the Export to CSV which can be read by Excel and is much faster to export. I show all data, all summaries (which I added for checks) show correct. Try the export to CSV and see if it resolves your issue.
Yes, that worked for my purpose now, thanks!

Btw. found another "useless" bug (meaning not important AT ALL). When using the .csv export the default filename is based on todays date (Log1 Flight Log 4jan2006) but it appears that the calendar months are "reverted"? Month 12=Jan, Month 1=Dec. Maybe this only happens with norwegian regional settings as with some of the other small bugs found? Picture enclosed.


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