PIC totals problem


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Dec 29, 2002
I had noticed this problem before I successfully updated the software as you suggested, but a check I made this morning shows the problem remains.

When I use the Analyzer (all data), and set the master filter to 'PIC', I get a different total from the normal PIC total shown in both the analyzer PIC column and the status bar PIC total I have configured at the bottom of the logbook screen.

If I have the master filter set to PIC, then shouldn't my 'total hours' be equal to my logbook PIC total?

Curiously, I was able to use the splitter function and compare the master PIC totals to the PIC column totals, and I found that the discrepancy is located in two different trainers I flew. Does this help?
No, theoretically they shouldn't be the same. What the PIC master filter is doing is taking your logbook and saying 'give me all flights that have a PIC entry in a flight.' Assuming your Duration matches PIC for all cases, then yes, it should theoretically match. However, if you didn't log PIC for the entire duration of a flight, then you'll see a difference.

If you think there is an issue, e-mail your .BAK (backup) to support@nc-software.com and the good doctor will go in and take a look!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Ah, I think that must be it.

I didn't realize that the master PIC filter was reporting the Total Time for a flight that had some portion of that time in PIC. When I was training, a single entry would be made that included both my dual time (non-PIC) and my solo (PIC) time.

Maybe I will go back and separate the types of training into two separate lines. Maybe not. /forums/emoticons/smile.gif