credit times different from scheduled block


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Dec 15, 2006
Has anyone found a way to import the credit times if they are different from scheduled block? My airline does not make scheduled block match the scheduled credit. Scheduled times have no affect on actual block or credit. I can make the software only give me credit for actual block but often credit is higher and therfore my calculations are off. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Credit vs. Schedule Average Time (SAT)

Some airlines use a schedule average time for credit. This can be longer or shorter than block time. APDL will not compute SAT.

The work around is to import or input the scheduled block. At the end of the days flying, change the scheduled times on each leg to equal the SAT for that city pair. APDL will still figure your duty and flight time limits properly for future dates using this procedure. The pay calculations shold be close for past dates but not future.