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Sep 20, 2008
I have just downloaded the new version 1.10.36 of LBP. I chose the Professional version for download, but only got the standard edition. How does this justify a final sale as outlined in your terms and conditions, since I can not try out the professional version?

Also, when opening the currency editor and adding a new currency, I can not select anything under GENERAL for "Field". It just shows "Flights (Legs)".
There are also no down arrows with a drop down menu when clicking on any of the rows on the right.
Under AIRCRAFT CONSTRAINTS all items from "Type" through "Power Characteristics" are not editable and indicate "ALL"

Either I am missing something to correctly work the currency editor or there is a software problem. Please ensure to answer all my questions for better clarification

1. Why only standard edition when I chose Professional?
2. If only standard edition available for download trial, how does it justify a final sale for the professional version?
3. Why are there no drop down menus in the currency editor's editable boxes to the far right?
4. Why is the "Field" box not editable, as well as the 5 first items under "Aircraft Constraints"?

There is only one download, the edition is set by your license code. A 01-01 code is a Standard Edition license, a 01-02 code is a Professional Edition license.

The "Field" row in a currency item allows you to choose from the available fields. Click the drop down arrow and then you can choose from the various fields listed. Please consult the documentation for more information. If you require further assistance please submit a support ticket and include your Logbook Pro order number if the license issue is still in question.
I have checked all the documentations and the problem is that there is no such thing as a drop down arrow and therefore that field remains un-editable for me. Also, I don't understand your explanation about the license. I did not provide a license number. I simply went to your webpage and chose the professional version for download. Why did I still get the standard edition?
Since "Field" remains un-editable, as well as the other items previously posted, I am going to start a trouble ticket now. I did not even purchase the software yet and already have to open a trouble ticket. This doesn't shine a positive light on your software product. Just so you know, I have consulted all documentation pertaining to the currency editor, inclusive a video tutorial and this forum and still can't find a that I am doing something wrong. I can click, double-click, right-click until my mouse disintegrates, the field remains un-editable and no drop down arrow.
We do not have a separate download for different editions, there is only one download of Logbook Pro. If you're using the Evaluation version as indicated on the first/startup screen when starting Logbook Pro, this emulates the Enterprise edition features, i.e. all features.

Click in the Field row and the drop down should appear, see the attached image.


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I don't know how I can make myself more clear. Your attached image shows an arrow pointing to a drop down arrow. This drop down arrow will drop a menu with different items to choose from. THAT drop down arrow does NOT exist in my version. Also the "brackets" to move a currency item into one of the ALL TO PASS or ANY TO PASS windows are missing. I am going to uninstall this version and I am going to download and install it one last time and then I am done with it. You are not helping me, because for some reason you still believe that everything is okay and I just simply don't see the arrow.

I apologize if I come across upset. I am not, I just would like to focus on what the problem is and it is not my eyesight, but the software. I understand that NC did not program it that way, but there is a bug and you should find out what causes it. Thank you for your efforts to respond to me over your weekend though.
After uninstalling the software by using VISTA control panel (since your software does not seem to have an uninstall function) it became apparent to me that I could not completely remove the program from my computer. After rebooting and reinstalling, the software program showed items in the currency editor I had previously entered and that should not reappear after a complete uninstall. So how do I remove the software COMPLETELY off my computer. I can't believe this is happening.
Hello Peter,

Surely Logbook Pro has an uninstall function. As with all software programs just go to Start...Control Panel...Programs & Features and you'll find Logbook Pro listed available for uninstall.

We do not delete your data file during uninstall, that would obviously be devastating if that occured. So when you create entries in your logbook data file that information will remain during a reinstall process, version update, etc.

Please verify your screen DPI settings. Minimize all windows and then right-click and choose Personalize. Then follow the attached screen shot, you should have the normal 96 dpi set, we do not support the larger dpi setting.


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I have a widescreen laptop and had the dpi set to 112. I don't think that this is so unusual with widescreens. Anyway, lesson learned, dpi settings of 96 or larger will cause all sorts of display problems. I can now see all the arrows and brackets, etc.

Now, I would hope that one of your next updates will reprogram the software to support higher dpi settings. Rather than defining window size by a set number of pixels, I believe that it would be better (in many circumstances) to control window size in percentage relative to screen width.

Anyway, it seems to work fine now, so thank you for finding the problem. I did not even think about my dpi setting.

I personally run dual monitors, both are wide screen at 1920x1200 resolution. Neither of which use the larger dpi setting. It's important to pick the proper resolution for your display, a wide screen format. Regardless, the next version of Logbook Pro, due out early to mid-2009 will support dpi font scaling so this issue will be moot in a few more months.

I'm glad all is working for you now.