Currency Report in error


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Dec 13, 2005
The currency report shows that my 3rd class medical is due on 11/30/07.

My medical is due on 6/30/07. I have deleted the medical history entry and it still shows up in the report as 11/30/07.

I re-entered the 3rd class medical as a history entry and it is still showing 11/30/07.

Attached are the screen shots of this problem. Any fix?


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I reviewed the data file sent. The error is in your currency configuration. You created a currency item and named it "Class 3 Medical" and set it to expired on three FLIGHTS. The proper way to create a currency using Medicals is NOT to create currency items but to add the History Items that already exist from the History area of Logbook Pro.

Open Logbook Pro. View the Currency Editor. Create a test currency named "Medical II". On the far bottom right of the currency editor you'll see a bar with a green icon "History Events". Click this bar and you'll see the History items available to add to a currency configuration. Select the Class 3 Medical and click the <- arrow to add it to Any to Pass, then view a currency report and you'll see the correct expiration.