Currency Report

Jul 2, 2004

I have created a currency for "AMEL Day w/psngrs 90 days" and it shows as expired because none of the "Any" to pass passed. But the thing is that I do not have anything listed in the Any to pass box. I had two items but deleted both of them. I then went to the report page andrefreshed. Both items which I deleted still show and the currency fails.

Another question, I did most of my data entry then I added a cost to my Aircraft underOptions. Why don't the costs show for those flights to which I added a cost for that type of aircraft?

My file is too large to attach. Can you help? Thanks.

Hi Mark,

Please create a backup (File..Archive..Backup) and e-mail the BAK file to and I'll take a look at it.

Have you tried going back into the Currency Editor and see if the items you think are deleted are in fact deleted? If not, try to delete them again using the red X at the top of the area that contains the items.

Costs are calculated whenever the duration changes. The costs do not automatically change prior flights in the event rates were different. For example, I may have rented a C-152 20 years ago for $35/hour and today it's say $55/hour. I wouldn't want all of my prior entries to change to the newer rate as it would throw the numbers off. Therefore the Cost/hr calculation only operates when a duration is changed. To change prior entries, go to the respective entry and change the duration down a tenth then back, the cost will calculate.


I got it to work but I am not sure why. This problem began after the computer froze while I was updating the currencies. I selected a currency and deleted it via the keyboard, instead of the X button, when it froze . I hald to control-alt-delete to shut the program down. I exited the program and relaunched to no avail. I thenrebooted, it now seems to be fine. Thanks for your help.