Custom Field


Mar 4, 2004
I keep trying to update a custom field but it never stays correctly after I close LP. What is the right way to fill a custom field and make the entry permanent. Thank You.

Can you explain further? Confirm your flight entry contains the required values of Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration as well as your custom data?

I made a 121 PIC custom field. When I synch with APDL all the info goes over except the value in my custom made field which is ok and I belive is a limitation in the synching process.I enter the value manually. For some reason it doesnt stay and the value in the custom field goes away when i close the program.So what i have been doing is entering the data manually just in the custom field by highlighting entering the value and then pressing the update icon. Is this the right way of updating info? So far using this method has not yield good results.Thank u for your help
Okay, I think you are asking about a custom field on the APDL product and not Logbook Pro? I'm not sure what 'Update' button you're talking about. Is this on your PC or PDA?

If in the Spreadsheet Style log as an example, and you make a change such as adding a value to your custom field, click your mouse in the row above it and it will automatically save, as well as when the program/window closes.

For issues with your PDA and APDL such as sync'ing data to Logbook Pro, please contact Auman Software for assistance. They handle all issues related to porting data from APDL to Logbook Pro.