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Cut and Paste Problem


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Jun 13, 2004
southern cal.
I am having a problem when cutting and pasting in the remarks section of the Windows Style spreadsheat. When i paste or Cut from this section the route of flight changes to either &Paste or &Cut, depending on which one i do. Why is it doing this and is there a fix for it. It's frustrating because i have to cut and paste alot in the remarks section and then i have to always go and redo the Route of flight after this.. Please HELP!

Hi Randy,

This is a reported bug that we are desperately trying to reproduce. We will not release (the next revision) until this issue is identified and resolved. Thank you for reporting it.


I have the same problem periodically, but not just in remarks field. I just did a copy (cntrl-C), and paste (cntrl-v) from the route field, and when I did the paste, rather than pasting what I had just copied, it appeared to have pasted everything that was in the copy buffer (even stuff from a copy done from Outlook)...

I had just cntrl-c'd the email message with my suggestion for 'amount forward' options in reports, and cntrl-d'd them to the wish list forum. THen I opened logbook pro, went to a route field, did cntrl-c, went to a new entry, did cntrl-v, and tried to paste the entire message that I had previously pasted to the forum (the buffer on the route ran out because it exced the field length... but it did fill it up with that stuff).

Hopefully this will be useful in tracking and squashing this bug down...


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