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Jun 7, 2005
I useAPDL (on my Palm) to log my time, then transfer the data (thru my palm sync to my PC), to Log Book Pro on my PC.With my Palm I enter in each leg flown for thatday, (MSP-LAX in Aircraft 5509, LAX-PHX in aircraft 5605).When my Palm transfers the data to Logbook Pro on my PC,Log Book Prolist all the legs on one entry (airline flying), so there is only one aircraft number for all of the flights (legs) for that day, and the tail number for the aircraft flown for all legsis the first aircraft flown for that day. How can I get Log Book Pro to recognize each leg and aircraft number seperatly or simply, how can I get the data imported to list each leg flown seperatly?

On the SingleSync configuration (page 3) what is your setting for the 'Sync Flight Entries' setting?

My Sync Flt Entries are by Leg. Justbefore I started this thread I noticed there was a optionon page 3 so I just changed it from"By Day"to"By Leg". I then did a sync with my palm. There was no change. That is what caused me to start this thread. Then after my next sync (adding a new day of flying), my last month(May) has changed, it nowshows all my legs individualy but all months before that still have multiple legs combined into one entry for each day.
By design APDL SingleSync will sync records to Logbook Pro when :

1) Any item is updated, changed, or edited on a logpage in APDL


2) An entire month of data is not present in Logbook Pro. (First of the month to the last of the Month)

and when

1) The dates are after the 'Sync After Date'

So in your case when you switch to 'By Day' to 'By Leg' only new or updated records are switched to 'By Leg'.

To change old 'By Day' records to 'By Leg', delete the entire month of entries form Logbook Pro. Then (PALM) Hotsync or (PPC) Run APDL SingleSync to refresh the data with the new settings.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.