• We've completed testing of iOS 14. Logbook Pro has no issues observed. APDL's only issue is the Weather Map is crashing. We are working on an update for the crash at this time.

Data won't sync


New member
Mar 24, 2004
I recently purchased Logbook Pro for my desktop and the companion for my PDA.
It seems to work fine on the desktop, but the data will not transfer to the PDA.
My other software, i.e. Outlook and others, sync. up just fine.

I followed the Pocket PC Installation instructions as shown in the help file, but when I try to open Logbook Pro on my PDA, Iget a message that reads "The database required for the Pocket PC Companion was not found. Please rerun the configuration as oulined in the Logbook Pro help file."

I have tried everything I can think of.

My PDA is a Dell Axim X3i