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Dead Heading flight number


Nov 26, 2010
I was wondering if there was a way to change the flight number for dead heads?


I'm deadheading on PSA, I work for Air Wisconsin. When I type the dead head in, it shows "awi5135" for Air Wisconsin.

It's a PSA flight. So when I change it to JIA5135, the status board page shows AWIJIA5135.

It would be helpful if we could push a flight number. If we could use your tracking software we could accurately see how long the flight is. My company pays 100% scheduled or better. If I could show that the DH was longer than scheduled, I could call and get that pay, otherwise they will just pay scheduled.

Its also helpful to see the gate and delays of that flight. I think this occurs because I have my company listed as AWAC which causes the dead head numbers to default AWI.