Need Info Deciding what to purchase...


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Mar 12, 2015
Years ago I had the desktop version of LBP (I think it was like 1.97xxx) and a version of APDL on a Palm Pilot that I had to connect to my PC through the USB cable to sync. Haven't used either in a long time and I'm a little confused now by all the options. So, I have a couple of questions about what I would need to get going again if I stick with LBP:

1. What version is the desktop software currently? Is it much different than the old 1.97xxx version?
2. Will that old LBP version I have somewhere even work with the new APDL or iOS apps?
4. Is there any credit for or a way to transfer my old APDL palm license to work with the new version?
3. In order to sync my PC with an iPad, it seems that I need to subscribe to some service now? Is that the cloud backup or the logbook pro mobile or the APDL?

Thank you!

If you purchased Logbook Pro in the past you can download and install the latest version from our website. Use the unlock code you received with your initial purchase. We are currently on version 1.16.9. You need to have the latest version to work with our apps.

As far as the old version of Palm APDL, that is no longer supported and you would need a subscription to the new iOS version. We currently offer a 90 day free trial if you want to test it out. We aren't giving any credit to previous Palm APDL owners as this is a completely different application that was built from scratch from he ground up.

To sync your iPad with the PC a subscription to Logbook Pro Mobile is required, yes. The apps are free in the app store but you would need the subscription to sync with the desktop. The iOS apps are a companion to Logbook Pro PC which is required. The apps are not standalone.
Hi there! I'm wondering much the same thing, but I do have the current version of Logbook Pro.

I've been manually entering into the desktop LBP for years now, and looking for a faster way of doing it. I work for Southwest, I've noted that you guys support them, but I don't know if I need cloud services AND LBP mobile for android or what...

The hardware I have is the old desktop that I turn on every three months to manually enter, an ipad with nothing LBP on it (but also no cellular, just wifi) and a droid smartphone.
What are my options? I've looked at APDL, but don't want the expense or all the fancy features. Just need a way to import my flown schedule into the logbook, and bonus if it has a way to modify to indicate night landings/time or approaches thru the droid app, tho not necessary. Thanks!
Hi Gina,

It sounds like all you need is the Airline Schedule Importer which you can use with Logbook Pro Desktop. If you want to use any of the mobile apps such as Logbook Pro Mobile or APDL, that's also an option for you to really make life easier. Give the schedule importer a try first to see that you can import your data, we support SouthWest's CSV data as well as Moostro (choose the correct filter accordingly). Once you see that your data is processed fine you can subscribe so you can import into Logbook Pro Desktop from the File...Import Schedule menu.
In addition to or as an alternative to the schedule importer as described above, If you want a quicker and easier way to enter data such as from your droid phone (or iPad, or both) you can use the Logbook Pro app. If you want to use those then you do need to get a subscription to Logbook Pro Mobile. One subscription is enough for both droid and iPad.