Delayed Showtime = SCR


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Feb 4, 2007
I had a 5:45 report. 9 hours before report they change my report to 7:45. So now I need to show SCR from 5:45 to 7:45. How do I change the duty period to SCR without erasing the pairing and rebuilding it from scratch?
Go to the SCR day, tap where it has RAP and change the show time. It'll take you to the screen where you can edit the times or delete the trip.
It doesn't let me do that. The only way I can get SCR and RAP is if I build the duty period as a SCR. This is a regular lineholder trip that needs to add a SCR segment before the report time due to a delayed report. Unless I delete the whole trip and start over from scratch, I can't see how to add a 2 hr SCR segment.
Oh. I misunderstood what you were saying. The way I address that is just by changing the trip report to the start on the RAP. I understand what you are wanting to do but the way I descibed is the best way I've found.
Found a workaround: I discovered I can hit EDIT, make a fake temporary leg with SCR category and some made up Airports and times. Then the RAP shows up at the top. Then I deleted the fake leg and the RAP is still there. Then I adjust the report time to reflect the new report.
I'll have to try that next trip I get like that.
If you're a line holder and they adjusted your report time 9 hours prior to report time, why do you want to change that to SCR? Wouldn't that just be a later show time with no SCR in front?
According to ALPA it becomes SCR up front unless you have at least 10 hrs new rest.
If I'm reading your first post correctly, it sounds like you did have 10 hours rest.

5:45 original report minus 9 hours is 20:45. The new report of 7:45 is then 11 hours from 20:45.

The way I understand it, if you were in rest when the company called you to notify you of the change, that interrupted your rest and you need 10 hours rest from that time before any assignment.
It was 10:31pm when I called them after noticing the cancellation. That is less than 10 hours from the delayed report of 0745. I asked if they could just show a new report time, but they said they had to leave the original report time for SCR max FDP rules.
That sounds like they were trying to get more use out of you.