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Deleted Flights not Deleted on Logbook PC


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Jan 25, 2006
Today I had 4 legs cancelled. I deleted them from my Droid. I then synced my Driod to the cloud and then synced my PC to the cloud.

The 4 legs that I had deleted were not removed from the Log Book spreadsheet, I had to do that manually.

Is this how this is supposed to be, or do I need to change a setting?

Hi Chris,

Yes, that is by design, deleting from the device will NOT send a delete to the Logbook Pro PC application. The design goal is to have the flights added to your device and then when flown sync back to your PC. The scenario you have is you're syncing pending flights per our prior discussions so you will need to manually delete the non-flown information from Logbook Pro PC.

Tidbit: After Logbook Pro PC edition v2 releases (next year?) and our new apps are developed I envision full logbooks all around and a complete synchronization system that handles addition, updates, and deletes. This is our first entry into the iPhone/Android world and simply extended and drastically improved our existing PDA Companion products, next we'll do APDL and then follow up with a complete redo for Logbook Pro. Patience is key! :)

Thank you.

We'll share info related to that as soon as we have it available. As you know we are growing, hiring, and business is growing rapidly. We are doing our best to keep up with the demands, we have a lot of ground to make up and we are working to do just that.