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Jun 7, 2005
What is the best way to enter in a Dead Headleg so as to get the credit for monthly flying (pay), but not get credit for the flying timein my logbook (Logbook Pro transfer during a sync)?
Hello Meech,

Logbook Pro requires five columns or it will consider the row invalid and delete it. The columns are Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM). However, if you want to deviate from Logbook Pro's minimum requirements, you can go into the Options...Flight Log on Logbook Pro (PC) and clear the bottom most checkbox to disable the auto-purge routines.


Let me also add to Neal's. post.

Please ensure you have updated APDL SingleSync to version 6.0. The new version will not import 'Deadhead' or 'Sick' legs.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.
Many times my pairing will start with a 2 hour stby period before the first live leg. The pairing I import from the company website will have this on it and should be tracked for pay and duty purposes but not imported to LogBook Pro as a leg...so can i make a user defined classification that will not import this as a leg in that sequence? i.e.,[Standby]...or what would you suggest.
You can create a custom legtype, i.e. 'Standby'. Make sure 'Apply Flight' is not checked. This will prevent it from syncing to LogbookPro.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.