Didn't follow instructions


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Sep 21, 2008
So I forgot to uninstall Logbook pro 1.10.26 before installing 1.10.36. It seemed to install fine but then when I ran it, I got "Your data file appears to be corrupt. Please contact support@nc-software.com immediately and include a zip archive of your .LBK data file. If you have a recent backup (.BAK file) you may want to try restoring it at this time." The program then closes and I don't get the chance to replace the broken logbook with my backup :eek4:

Not a problem because I have backups of everything and haven't lost anything.

So I uninstalled the program, deleted all the files, then restarted the computer. I reinstalled Logbook Pro and it gives me the same problem. I figure there is some sort of file hidden somewhere I need to delete that is giving me this problem.
I ran across another .lbk logbook that I had saved and put it in my logbookpro folder. Worked just fine and it was able to start up from there and I was able to backup my logbook from the current .bak file.