Discrepancy with #of flights and total time


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Jul 21, 2008
I can't seem to figure out what's causing this...

I was using an excel logbook I had created and I only had about of my logbook in it so far... Imported that just fine.

1) I maybe had 250 lines total. FSP is showing that I have 8,793 flights. I understand "flights" are determined by the number of legs. All values of my legs are "1". This is impossible unless there is some other variable I'm not aware of. Any idea what's causing this?

2) I also have a discrepancy for my total flight time among other things. If I go Reports > Flight Log > Flight Log Summary > Grand Totals, I will get accurate numbers that I had in excel and also my paper logbook. However, if I generate a Jepp report with "all data" my times are lower by just a few hours. Again, I can't think of anything that would cause that.

Any ideas? I'm not sure if I provided enough information to help fix the issue, I just started using this program.

Thanks for the help!

Please create a backup of your Logbook Pro data file (File..Archive..Backup) and submit a support ticket including the .BAK file created. We'll take a look at the data for you. Probably a problem with what was imported.
Yeah, looks like there was a problem with the import. In excel I had a bunch of numbers and formulas at line 1000 or so that I had used to find an error before.

All is well now. Thanks for the help.